May Day

After months of hard work, today I’m happy to announce the official launch of SpringDeck, an iPad app for salespeople to do on-the-fly presentations. You can see an example of my contribution in my portfolio.

I would love to show you more of what I did, but unfortunately the entire site is behind a login because of the nature of the app—the site is really all administration type stuff for app content.

There is some new (for me) stuff I did in this project and I’ll detail out my challenges and solutions for this project in a future post. I ended up writing the majority of the initial JavaScript for the site, which is the first time I’ve done so for a project of this size.

I also used the Sass version of Foundation 5 for the framework. I have used previous versions of Foundation before as well as Twitter Bootstrap, but I think for the next project I have I’m going to try something more lightweight like Bourbon and Neat because I want a more semantic and smaller footprint grid.1 I’m obsessive about reducing filesize and footprint for CSS so the larger frameworks aren’t cutting it for me anymore, even when I customize the build process in Sass. I used Neat’s grid for this site but didn’t really touch Bourbon at all. I was reviewing my Sass last night trying to reduce unused styles2 and found the majority of my pre-gzipped 86KB was due to my logo, endmark, and Twitter icon being embedded in the CSS as Data URIs (and having a retina and non-retina version for each). Need to see what my other options are, though I’m still pretty confident this is the best solution for now, there might be a better way to ensure only the versions of the icons that are needed are downloaded.

Until next time—workers of the world unite.

  1. I’m aware this is also possible with frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap but there is so much other bloat in those frameworks. return to article

  2. Part of my checklist. return to article