The right question to ask mobile-first deniers

To be overwhelmingly frank, being a mobile-first denier makes you look out of touch, and even worse, ignorant. Be a professional, stay current, stay adaptive. As a result, you’ll stay relevant, stay in the conversation, stay on par or ahead of your competitors, stay employed, and most imperatively of all, you’ll stay connected to your users’ needs.“The right questions to ask mobile-first deniers” by Kevin Suttle

I do like to use hover states, but only on the experience layer, not for anything essential. I appreciate that for Foundation 5, Zurb removed the custom form elements for select and checkbox and radio inputs.1 I made the mistake of using those once and the experience on mobile was terrible. Never again.

  1. Curious, though, that they have their top bar hoverable by default, given their whole “mobile first” approach. Noticeably, Twitter Bootstrap does not use hover for its top bar. return to article