Captured by quality

Making stuff good is rewarding, making stuff great is intoxicating. It’s like there’s a direct line from perfection and excellence to the dopamine release. And the reverse is true as well. When you make crappy stuff, you feel crappy.“Captured by quality” by David Heinemeier Hansson

Very true. In client services, there is a distinct difference between working with a client that truly knows what they’re doing and is making a great product and one that is pushing something derivative and boring.

You come up with a new idea, and a crappy first implementation. You then spend a couple of rounds polishing off the crap until the new idea is no longer new and crappy, but known and solid. Then it’s time to look hard at whether another round is worth it.

I’ve found that it’s always better to iterate on a design for a site once it’s been written in CSS. You can make tweaks that improve the design subtly over time, rather than trying to lock down perfection in Photoshop. You can never have a definitive design in a mockup. You need to test it in the field, see how users react, see what works in the browser. I don’t like the approach of trying to do everything up front and make all the assumptions about how the user is going to actually use the product. Release, learn, and iterate.

The web is a living, evolving medium, so let’s treat it as such.