Learn JavaScript Properly

I’ve just joined a Reddit study group to complete Richard Bovell's Learn JavaScript Properly course outline.

I first encountered Bovell’s outline some time ago but never stuck with it, unwittingly heeding his advice that it was best to do it with a study group. I missed the one back in January and again in March. But I just started following @jsissexy on Twitter and there was a tweet about the new Reddit study group so I joined up! It just started, so if you’re interested, you still have a week to finish the first two week sprint of work.

The first two weeks will be easy for me as I’ve already done all of the reading and lessons at Codecademy before (in fact I completed Codecademy's JavaScript course some time ago, and did some CodeAvengers courses too1). I’ve also written a decent amount of JavaScript for projects like SpringDeck and my Jeopardy score keeper. I just want to do this to solidify the fundamentals I already know plus start seriously learning the more advanced stuff that up to this point I’ve only slightly dabbled with.

Update on other things: I’m about halfway done with an in-depth post looking at the work I did on SpringDeck, expect that end of the week or next (there might be pictures using <picture> even).

  1. That is, until I signed in one day 75% of the way into the first level and discovered they wanted $24 to continue... return to article