Standard Controls

The things to concentrate on are what an app does, how it works, how it feels to use it, and how responsive and fast it is — which does not include doing built-from-scratch components except when absolutely necessary.

And it is still necessary at times. I’m not saying it isn’t. I’m saying that the reflexive attitude that tells us that nothing can be standard needs to become something we remember and laugh at, like pet rocks and bell-bottom jeans.“Standard Controls” by Brent Simmons

Make an app that does something useful and make it well. Design is more than just visuals. Make it intuitive and intelligent. Make it flow well and make it smooth and fluid. I’m not going to use a “beautiful” for more than a day if it’s not useful or well thought out.

I’ve downloaded plenty of apps because they looked cool in screenshots or people were raving about their style. More often than not, I’d stop using them as quickly as I downloaded them. Give me something that works and works well, and I’ll keep using it. Yes, having a slick visual design is a cool, but it should be icing on the cake, not the whole cake.