100 Words 097

I like garlic.

I’ll buy a head of garlic and throw half of it into a pasta. I did just that tonight. It ended up being kind of garlicky. It was delicious. I’m not sure everyone else shares my affinity for garlic, though. Not sure why. It’s always an easy way to flavor up a regular jar of sauce one gets at the grocery store. It’s like magic. “Oh I just found this can of tomatoes in the back of my trunk, looks like it expired seven years ago.” Toss in some garlic, you have yourself some damn good pasta.

100 Words 096

The condition of my hands goes in cycles. There are stretches of weeks where I don’t have any issues with pain. Then there are weeks where my fingers are in crippling pain. This was most pronounced last year at this time, as we were coming off our busiest time of year at work and I was typing furiously all day.

I realize why this is happening and what it could mean, especially in the future. I try to take breaks while working to stop typing, but often I get caught up in a task and type nonstop for an hour.

100 Words 095

I suffer the programmer’s problem where I mull over work at home. Often times as I’m lying in bed trying to sleep I’m thinking over something from earlier in the day that I didn’t get to finish. I’ll get great ideas that I won’t write down because I’m trying to sleep, and if I’m lucky the next morning on my commute I’ll remember those ideas and be ready to implement them when I get into work.

Today was such a day. I got to work ready to build. Instead my entire day was sidetracked by fixing bugs in old courses.

100 Words 094

Again with the shitty soup situation, but I’m not going to get into that tonight. I only have a handful of these left, and I’m afraid I’m probably going to waste tonight’s on nothing at all.

I had a long day at work where I knocked off a bunch of items on my to-do list for this mini-game-quiz thing I’m working on. It’s being tossed into this existing framework we use for making online courses, so right now it’s a bunch of spaghetti code. Everything is working, but it’s not the prettiest. Need to work on that.

100 Words 093

Not talking about the sickness again.

But, unrelated, I wanted some chicken soup today. I arrived to the cafeteria about ten minutes after the effective opening time, and the chicken soup was already completely empty. So I was stuck with some vegetable soup. Which is fine, but not what I was looking for.

Then I stopped at a grocery store on the way home, to satisfy the chicken soup need. They had it all right, but if there was ever any chicken in that container, it was long gone. Mostly broth and a few noodles.

Not a good soup day.