100 Words 092

I’ve been told by my ones of readers to stop talking about my sickness. Even though it’s still a thing and probably will be tomorrow too.

I took advantage of the pleasant day and went up to Port Washington to sit up on the bluffs and admire Lake Michigan. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. There were literally other cars besides mine parked up there. And with those cars were people. And often dogs accompanying said people. The nerve! Here I am trying to spend some nice quiet time alone in a public park and there’s other human beings.

100 Words 091

I can’t tell if my sickness is getting better or worse. My intensely sore throat from the first day/night has abated and I’m left with just a minor annoyance. However, the congestion in my head and nose is unrelenting. I’m constantly medicating myself. At times I feel better. Other times I feel downright awful.

This feels like the longest sickness I’ve had in a while. Maybe my immune system is weaker in my not-really-old age. Whatever is happening, it would be great if it stopped.

Despite the sickness, I did have a great day with the future wife.

100 Words 090

I am doing both better and worse today. The throat is bearable, but my head is in considerably worse condition, as is my nose. I didn’t sleep well last night, waking up several times.

I felt weak all day, in my bones and muscles. I wasn’t my jovial self at work. I encountered many situations that normally would have gotten me all worked up, but I was too sick to care. I just dealt with them, like a normal human being. I stumbled on a new technique. When confronted with an issue, just ask “Would sick Kyle care?”

Probably not.

100 Words 089

Sickness has set in.

I feared at some point this morning—after being awoken several times throughout the night by intense soreness in the throat—that perhaps I had strep. I’ve only had it once before, as a child. I remember it distinctly. On a Friday, afflicted with strep, my parents got me a perch fish fry—one of my favorite meals at the time. But the breading on the perch just utterly destroyed my throat, affecting me so much I stopped eating fish fries for years.

But this afternoon I got a runny nose so I doubt it’s strep.

100 Words 088

I may have had seasonal allergies in my distant past. I’m not entirely sure. There was this one week in college where I blew my nose a lot.

I don’t get sick that often, so I’m very suspicious when I start developing symptoms of illness. Today I must have sneezed the wrong way and instantly my throat starting feeling itchy. It has not dissipated since. Clearly the end times are nigh.

I am told allergies are a thing that people are experiencing at this time of year. Perhaps that is the case. More likely, I have mere hours left alive.